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Find Reflexology For a Healthier You!

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Reflexology Acupuncture MASSAGE SANDALS for Good Health
myLot Discussions on Reflexology
reflexology massage helps cure sleep disorder
I have sleep disorder for almost a year already but since I started an frequent reflexology massage i at last overcome that sleep disorder.
Reflexology massage a good help for body aches and relaxation
I used to go out for a reflexology massage once a month, and it really helped me a lot. My body aches gone, as well as my stressed mind and most of all I HAD BETTER SLEEP AT NIGHT Everytime I go for a reflexology massage because i always had an sleep disorder.I had also tried a lukewarm water shower and 1 glass of milk before bedtime, at first it works but later on, nothing happens.So i better prefer to have a massage as good as reflexology type.
How much do you like to having reflexology massage?
I believe that most of must known with reflexology massage. Do you like it? If yes, then how often you massaging your sole of foot? Do you like do it yourself or you go to the massager? Happy mylotting.
the massage of Foot Reflexology
Have you ever know about this? have you ever experienced the massage of foot reflexology? foot reflexology is the application of traditional chinese medicine theory, setting examination, treatment and health care as one system and with non-invasive natural therapies. and consists of two part, one is foot bath, the other is foot massage. I always go to massage room for foot massage when i'm over drinked or in flu, it really do work for me. so, my lotters, have you ever been to the massage room to experience a foot massage? is there a room or place for foot massage in your community nearby?
reflexology how can it help the body such as massaging,hand,feet, and ears?
reflexology is a benifit for the body and it improve general health.reflexology is a phyical act of applying pressure to the feet and hand with the thumb,finger and hand techniques with us of lotion and oil.notice how it is applied
Reflexology, I simply love it!
Hi mylotters! have you you tried reflexology? It really ease the pain on my feet and gives me a better blood circulation. its very cheap. plus its healthy to the body.
Extra money with reflexology
I'm interested with reflexology...hope to find a free online course about reflexology. Wonder it's available for free. Thanks
What do you know about this procedure? Have you had it done? Does it work? I have heard about it before and just found out that a friend of mine is starting this business.Found out because her husband had hurt his back and this helped and when I mentioned my husband had also hurt his back, she said she would do three sections for free because she is trying to get her clincals in..I think he should at least try it..I thing 3 sections would be enough to convince him if this is a true help or a bogus remedy to take people for their money..
Can reflexology help (prevent) in asthma attacks?
I've heard of reflexology before and they said that some parts of our feet and palms are connected to our body organs. Can it help prevent asthma attacks?
anybody believe in reflexology? I do. I do reflexology from time to time when I was in my home country. it was cheap there, I pay less around USD6 for an hour. reflexology for me is like a 'service' to my body. everytime I did one session I will feel fresh an healthy!anybody has experience with reflexology? anybody heal from a sickness just because he/she uses reflexology? anybody provide refloxology service?
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